What microphone does drake use?

This is the cooling system that maintains the optimal operating temperature of the tube, a factor Sony deems critical for consistent sound performance with vanishingly low noise and distortion

Who uses Sony c800?

This iconic microphone has a dynamic range of 113 dB and a double-sized diaphragm that reproduces flawless sound quality.

Used by artists such as Kayne West, Travis Scott, Drake, Joss Stone, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, J Lo and Dr.

Is the Sony C800G worth it?

The C800G only graced the studio in 1992 – well after these exhilarating days and into an incredibly different studio scene. The way the Sony c800g has a natural boost of around 8 to 14 kHz adds what many engineers call “air” or “shine,” without the need for a generous amount of boosting from an EQ. Ultimately, however, this microphone can’t be that expensive, because its performance is somehow worth the extra cost. The 6AU6 vacuum that is in C800G is known for the heat it gives to the lower mids of the frequency spectrum.

what microphone does Drake use

The SM58 (and its twin, the SM5) deserves its status as the most ubiquitous microphone in the world due to its reliability. This helps curb the unwanted low-mid boost caused by being too close to the microphone, known as the proximity effect. Here we’ve picked out a list of the best microphones for rappers and MCs — which also include some artist favorites. CC
Singers, rapper Drake was reported using the Neumann TLM 103 condenser microphone (condenser microphones).

Noah 40 Drake’s Audio Engineer uses the SPL’s Transient Designer plug-in to add a “point” to the kick drum.