What battery does the sony a6400 take?

Rating 4.6 (1, 26) Sony NP-FW50 1020 mAh Lithium Ion Battery Take extra power with your compatible alpha camera so you can keep taking valuable shots.

What battery does the Sony A6400 need

If you opt for a third-party option, RAVPower offers two NP-FW50 batteries along with a dual charger. Even if you use a USB power bank to extend the battery life of the a6400, the battery will still drain slowly. If I also connect my Tascam dr60 mk2 output to the microphone input of the a6400, there is terrible feedback interference. As you probably know, the Sony A6400 does not come with an external charger. The only way to charge the battery is the camera via micro USB.

If you want to power the a6400 for an extended period of time, you can use a blind battery connected to a USB power bank. However, in the long term, Sony’s original batteries hold their charge much better than third-party battery options.

Does the Sony camera have a lithium battery

While you can shoot with the camera plugged into an external power source — which is very useful in studio environments or for long time shooting, it’s cumbersome to plug the camera into an external power source for everyday shooting. CC
If you’re looking for a replacement or replacement battery for your Sony A6000 camera, here’s an overview of the best options. These are very approximations, as there are a variety of factors that can affect battery life, such as the state and state of charge of the battery to the air temperature (lithium batteries do not work well in very hot or very cold temperatures). So you can charge one battery at a time and not actually use your camera while it’s charging.

The basic method to charge the battery is to leave it in the camera and connect the camera to a power source via the USB cable.