The Sony ICD-TX650 Digital Audio Recorder

sony recorder

When shopping for a digital audio recorder, it is important to take some important factors into consideration. These factors include the price, features, and operation. Read on to discover which Sony recorder is best for your needs. Also, read about Sony’s new NEX-5N microphone, which comes with four mic sensitivity settings.


The Sony recorder comes with a variety of useful features. It has a number of functions such as recording filter and A-B repeat playback, as well as general software controls. It has also got some useful options such as the ability to add folders for storing your recordings. Its powerful features make it a standout in the dictation market.

The Sony ICD-UX570 digital voice recorder is among the top choices for consumers looking for a compact recorder with high storage capacity. It has a built-in USB for easy data transfer. It also has a 55-hour battery life and adjustable microphone settings. This digital voice recorder is a great choice for anyone who frequently records voice, or has a passion for creating videos. While it has advanced features, it is important to remember that the audio files produced by a Sony recorder are not totally immune to damage. Some users have complained about damaged files.

A Sony recorder has many features, including a display that lets you view recording information. The display can show you various settings, including the recording duration and scene selection. The model number of the recorder is listed in System Information. When you press the Scene Select function, you can see the default recording settings, including the focus range. There are also several recording functions for different types of recordings, including Voice Operated Recording and Focus/Wide recording.

The recorder has a low-cut filter that eliminates unwanted low-frequency background noise. This feature is helpful when recording lectures or interviews. It also minimizes sounds coming from the left and right. In addition, this feature helps you listen to recordings without removing them.


The Sony ICD-TX650 16GB voice recorder is available for purchase online from several stores. It can be purchased from several local retailers as well. If you want to buy a new recorder, you may want to check the prices of different online stores. It is possible to find discounts and promo codes from these sites.

Sony voice recorders have many advantages. They reduce background noise and have a built-in USB for connection to a computer. They can store up to 57 hours of audio. They are also designed to last a long time. The battery life of these recorders is excellent, too, with four GB of memory available for recording.


The Basic Operations feature allows you to record messages using the built-in microphone. This feature displays the OPR (Overhead Recording Rate) indicator during the recording. Pressing – or + will enable you to pause or resume recording. You can also choose to move recorded messages to another folder.

Remote control

If you have a Sony recorder and you’d like to control it remotely, you can download the free REC Remote application to your mobile device. The app uses Bluetooth technology to send commands to the recorder. However, the app has limited features and may not work with all devices or regions. It may also require an update to get the latest features. Fortunately, Sony has indicated that it respects your privacy.

Filtering low-frequency background noises

To reduce the background noise in your recording, you can use the Recording Filter function. You can find this option under the HOME menu. When you activate this feature, it will cut out any sound at 300 Hz or lower. This setting is ideal for cutting out background noise caused by traffic, air conditioners, and other sources of low-frequency sound. The result is a recording that sounds natural and free from distortion during playback.

First, choose your noise reduction level. Low noise reduction filters low-frequency background noises, and is the most suitable setting for casual music listening. High noise reduction filters out the highest levels of background noise, and eliminates keyboard and pen tapping, but it may increase CPU utilization.

Another important feature of a recorder is its file format. You can choose between PCM or MP3 files. PCM files are larger and contain more detail. MP3 files, on the other hand, are compressed and take up less memory. The Sony ICD-PX470 supports both PCM and MP3 recording formats. With both formats, you can listen to your recorded audio or play back the transcription after editing it. It also features an automatic voice recording mode that optimizes the audio capture settings for vocal frequencies. It also has a Clear Voice technology that enhances clarity.

When you want to adjust the settings, press the MENU/FOLDER button and hold it for a few seconds. This will bring up the menu. Press the REW button to change the setting or to return to the menu. The STOP button will close the menu.

Recording level guide

The Record screen displays a recording level guide to help you get the best audio quality. The guide indicates the correct recording volume levels for your microphones, distance from the sound source, and microphone sensitivity. It also indicates the best recording volume range. The recording level guide is useful if you want to use your recorder for professional audio production.

When using your recorder, always check the audio level. It is important to know the correct level for the type of audio you want to record. If it is too low, then you need to increase the recording level. Moreover, if the audio quality is too low, it could cause distortion. So, it is recommended to use headphones when recording audio.