Sony Turntables

sony turntables

Sony turntables combine the retro magic of vinyl with the convenience of wireless tech. They have simple controls that are easy to use and can be connected to Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or a sound system. The resulting sound quality is natural and clear. You will hear your music just like it was meant to be heard.

Biotracer damping technology

Biotracer damping technology for Sony turn tables is an electronic control system that controls the tracking force, anti-skating and arm damping. The system is designed to deliver superior damping characteristics and synchronised operation with matched Sony cassette decks. It also uses a linear BSL motor for the cross-feed.

Sony introduced Biotracer damping technology for its turntables in 1982 with the PS-X800 Linear Biotracer. This turntable used a highly advanced design for its time and featured a microprocessor-controlled tonearm. The Biotracer system used lateral sensors to pass signals to tiny linear motors that adjusted the tonearm’s motion accordingly. The technology also combats distortion due to warps in discs. Moreover, this damping system automatically corrects tracking force and minimizes skating and other problems associated with a traditional tonearm.

The Biotracer tonearm automatically compensates for headshell taps and high and low-compliance cartridges. This allows for consistent tracking force, which is essential for a quality listening experience. However, the PS-X800 is not a cheap product. You will likely have to spend a considerable amount of money to get one, but the Biotracer PS-X800 is a remarkable turntable from Sony.

Another benefit of Biotracer is that it allows for the installation of virtually any cartridge. Unlike most other turntables that limit the selection of cartridges, the Biotracer tonearm allows you to choose your cartridge based on its sonic characteristics.

Controlled raising and lowering function

Controlled raising and lowering function is a unique feature found on Sony turntables. This feature allows you to select the appropriate level for your record. It’s especially useful for people who don’t want to use a cable. The PS-LX310BT features Bluetooth connectivity and is also compatible with wired stereo systems. It also features a gain select switch.

The mechanical drive arrangement is illustrated in Figs. 3 and 5. When the selected switch 46 is pressed, the drive motor 21 starts to rotate the gear 35 in a clockwise direction, advancing the player board 9. When the limit switch 43 contacts the stop member 45, the player board stops in the fully withdrawn position.

The controlled raising and lowering function on Sony turntable models may also be used to manually raise and lower the tone arm. This feature is helpful when the tone arm is not in contact with the record. A manual raising and lowering function may cause the tonearm to bounce, so it is important to check the manual. The tonearm is a delicate mechanism and rough movement may damage it.

A few other features of Sony turntables include a preamp with variable output levels, built-in Bluetooth wireless streaming, and automatic operation. As a bonus, a USB output makes it easier to digitize your vinyl collection.

Price range

Sony turntables can be quite expensive. If you are on a budget, you can start with the PS-LX310BT model, which has a sleek design with a modern tonearm and headshell. This model also features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless listening. It has several inputs and outputs and even has a switch to connect an external preamp.

The Sony PS-LX310BT turntable is a solid option at the current price range, with automatic operation, a high-quality MM cartridge, and a rock solid Bluetooth wireless connection. It also has a clean, minimalist design that makes it look expensive. It is ideal for the home studio and is a great way to enjoy your favorite records.

The Sony PS-LX310BT also has Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it more convenient for casual use. The Bluetooth connection eliminates the need for wires and allows the turntable to connect to Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Bluetooth connectivity is easy and intuitive, and the Sony turntable is also compatible with third-party speakers. It also has a USB Type-B connection.

Whether you need to upgrade your existing equipment or buy a brand-new turntable for the first time, there are many different models to choose from. There are also affordable and high-end models to choose from. Some of them feature advanced features, while others have simple designs and don’t need much extra equipment.


Sony turntables are an excellent value for money. They provide the same audio quality as more expensive turntables, but at a fraction of the price. Sony’s LP-100 turntable is a great entry-level choice that doesn’t break the bank. Though it’s not perfect, it’s an excellent buy if you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality turntable.

For a very reasonable price, the Sony PS-LX310BT turntable offers a lot of features. It includes an MM cartridge, a preamp with variable output level, and Bluetooth wireless streaming. It also has a sleek design and looks like a high-end model.

This Bluetooth-enabled turntable has two speeds and an aluminum die-cast platter. The Bluetooth feature makes it easy to connect the turntable with headphones or speakers. It also features a USB Type-B port so that you can connect with third-party headphones and speakers. For casual use, Bluetooth connectivity is convenient, especially when the turntable is portable.

An automatic turntable requires a lot of setup and can be noisy, but Sony’s model comes with an easy-to-use interface and has a simple operation. To get started, you simply select the speed and size of the record, press “Start”, and the tone arm will automatically lower and find the groove for the track you’re listening to. You can also adjust the gain switch to match the level of the recording.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new turntable is its ease of use. As time passes, you’ll notice that ease of use becomes more important. Features like automatic speed switching and a tonearm that returns when you stop it become more important.