Sony Televisioniai X-Reality PRO, BRAVIA XR, and X95

sony televizoriai

If you are looking for a new television, you may want to consider a Sony television. The latest models of this type of television come with a wide array of features and are very easy to use. The company makes many different types of TVs, including models for home entertainment, the office, and even children’s rooms.

X-Reality PRO

Sony Televisioniai X-Reality PRO has been designed to improve the picture quality of your TV viewing experience. Its advanced picture engine uses pattern analysis and reality creation to improve the quality of images. It also uses algorithms to reduce noise and adjust colour and contrast.

Its X-Reality PRO picture processing gives you the experience of watching movies and games in near-4K resolution. It is equipped with TRILUMINOS Display and 4K X-Reality PRO picture processing technology, which boosts image clarity. The television also comes with an Android TV platform.

TRILUMINOS Display reproduces natural colours and skin tones more accurately than conventional TVs. It also uses 4K HDR Processor X1 to process data in every picture, producing pictures that look closer to real life. It also features Motionflow XR refresh rate technology, which keeps fast-moving action smooth.

Google TV UI offers a streamlined and convenient way to access content on the Sony Bravia TV. It features a content bar and voice search. It also supports Google Cast, which lets you cast content from your smartphone to the TV. It also includes Google Play, which contains a wealth of apps, including Netflix, YouTube, and games.

It is available for purchase across Sony Centers, major electronic retailers, and e-commerce websites in India. It has 50Hz refresh rate, HDR10, Dolby Audio, and a flush surface bezel. It comes in four sizes. It supports Android TV and Google TV.

Another feature on the Sony A90J is the Seamless Edge design. It helps to eliminate cable clutter. The screen can be set on its feet or elevated to place a soundbar underneath. There are also multiple configurations for the Sony A90J. This means that it can be used in any environment.


The BRAVIA XR TV takes sound and vision to a new level with its innovative cognitive processing system. The XR-processor is designed to mimic human vision and hearing to bring you an experience that is second to none. This means you can enjoy your entertainment experiences like never before.

The X95J version comes with IMAX Enhanced technology and three padeciu laikikli. There is also a HDMI 2.1 connector and wireless 4.2 connectivity. This means that you can connect it to your home network and play your favorite shows from any compatible device.

Another feature that makes this television stand out from other models is its XR contrast booster, which improves the clarity of the images. The screen also has an OLED display for improved color accuracy. The XR technology is also compatible with many types of digital sources, including Blu-ray discs.

Another feature that sets this Sony X95J apart from other televisions is its HDR technology. Both models support Dolby Vision HDR and offer a high-definition picture quality. In addition, the X95J comes with Bluetooth su A2DP and AirPlay 2.

The Sony X95J has a fairly acceptable black uniformity, but the picture is cloudy when local dimming is turned off. The viewing angles are also acceptable, though the screen does look a little washed out at moderate viewing angles. However, most users won’t have any trouble with these issues.

The Sony X95J also features an excellent peak brightness for HDR content. The TV’s EOTF tracking is flawless, and it always displays content at the correct brightness level. There is a slight dip in peak brightness, but this isn’t noticeable, but it can be distracting in very dark scenes.

The Sony X95J supports most features from the Xbox Series X, but does not support 4k at 120Hz. However, it does support 4k @ 60Hz. The X95J also supports VRR after a firmware update, but this feature doesn’t support FreeSync.

The X95J is a middle-range Sony TV with three different sizes: 65-inch, 85-inch, and 75-inch. It offers a number of impressive features, including X-Anti-Reflection and X-Wide Angle. Despite these features, it doesn’t display wide color gamut and lacks contrast.

The XR chip uses a new processing technique. It identifies the focal point of a picture and then concentrates processing around that part. Conventional Artificial Intelligence can only detect individual picture elements, but the XR chip can cross-analyze an array of elements.


The Sony X95 television is one of the most powerful models available today. It offers a large screen that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of content. It is equipped with many features and functions, including its own proprietary technologies for better picture quality. The X95 is also compatible with an array of other entertainment systems, including game consoles.

The Sony X95J has an excellent local dimming feature, allowing you to view your content with less contrast. The black uniformity is decent, but there is some clouding even with local dimming turned off. The viewing angles are also fine, though they are slightly limited and the screen looks washed out at moderate angles. Still, most people should not have any problems with this screen.

Another great feature of this television is the Full Array LED ekrane. Using this technology, you will be able to view your content with a wider color range, and a better contrast ratio. You will also be able to enjoy HDR images with greater clarity.

For gamers, the Sony X95J is compatible with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, although it doesn’t support 4k @ 120Hz or freeSync. However, it supports DTS-X audio passthrough. However, you need to adjust the Sound mode sync setting if you plan on playing games on this television.

The Full Array LED also provides realistic contrast. With the use of individual LEDs, light and dark areas appear lighter. This feature is further improved with X-tended Dynamic Range ™ PRO4, which adjusts the brightness for higher peaks in glare and deeper blacks in shadow. The Full Array LED also analyses and adjusts individual objects to produce more lifelike images. This TV is also equipped with the Ambient Optimisation technology, which helps you enjoy the best viewing experience.

The Sony X95J also supports most common resolutions, such as 1080p. However, it is not compatible with 1440p. It requires a forced resolution of 60Hz. Additionally, it doesn’t support chroma 4:4:4 or a different format, but it does support most other formats.

Sony’s Bravia TV lineup is the most easily understood and accessible of all of its models. Depending on your needs, the Bravia range includes X9J and X90J. The Bravia Z series, on the other hand, is Sony’s largest and most sophisticated line of TVs. It also includes the 8K LED.