Sony Portable Radios

sony radios

If you’re looking for a portable radio that can withstand water damage, consider the Sony radio. This radio is splash-proof and offers 100 hours of battery life. It also offers radio presets and high volume sound. The ICF-P36 is an excellent choice for those who want to listen to the radio even when they’re in the shower or bathtub.


The Sony ICF-P36 radio has a compact design with a carrying strap. It has excellent FM and AM reception and a handy LED tuning light. Its built-in speaker makes listening to your favorite music a pleasure, and it is made of premium grade materials. If you are looking for a portable radio that delivers the same quality as a top-notch home stereo system, then the Sony ICF-P36 radio is the ideal option.

The Sony ICF-P36 has a slightly larger horizontal format than its predecessor, the ‘P26. It also features the same Sony chip as the P26. The controls are similar, and it has the same tuning knob on the top. The P36’s audio was also slightly more sensitive and less noisy than the ‘P26.


The Sony ICFC1PJ clock radio has dual alarms that allow you to set different wake-up times. It also has a swivel projector that projects the time on the ceiling or wall. These features make it a great radio for the home. It also has Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling. It comes with a two-year limited warranty. It is available in several colors to match your decor.

This tabletop Sony radio features time projection and dual alarms. This means that you can set multiple wake-up times and listen to music at different times of the day. In addition, it comes with a USB port for charging your mobile phone or other USB device. It also has a backlit LCD display and adjustable brightness.

The ICFC1PJ has a compact, stylish design that will fit easily on your bedside table. The display has a mirrored finish with white LED digits. It has easy-to-use buttons. It comes preset to Eastern Standard Time. Sony has also included a manual that explains how to use it.


With the portable DAB digital radio, listeners can assign specific stations for easy listening. Preset buttons help listeners find these stations in seconds. There is also a dual alarm function that lets listeners set the radio to fall asleep. The radio’s speakers deliver excellent sound quality.

The Sony XDR-S61D radio has a good battery life and comes with a large volume dial. It also has five preset buttons for easy access to your favourite stations. It also comes with a sleep timer that allows it to go into standby mode after a specified period of time. You can also connect it to your smartphone via an AUX input. It runs on AA batteries or a power adapter.

The Sony XDR-S61D radio is easy to use and requires little setup. It will automatically find DAB stations in your area, making it one of the easiest digital radios to use. The buttons are well located and the interface is simple to use. It is an excellent choice for the elderly and technophobes who are looking for an easy to use radio.

The Sony XDR-S61D radio features DAB and FM reception. It also has five preset buttons, an alarm, and a clock. It also supports DAB+ and FM reception and offers crystal clear sound. This radio is compatible with DAB+ and FM, which will allow you to listen to more stations.


The sound quality of the Sony XDR-S61DBT and HDT-1X radios is quite similar. Both have high bass response. They also both flash the HD indicator when tuned 300 kHz above or below a FM HD signal. The only difference is that the Sony does not lock analog audio when the HD signal is not received.

The XDR-F1HD has effective noise reduction, but its low sensitivity makes it an inadequate diagnostic broadcast monitor. It suffers from imaging loss with low-level stereo sounds, and it is not transparent enough to handle classical music. Furthermore, it applies a high-cut noise filter when the RF level drops below 26.5 dBf.