Sony Introduces the P43 Digital Camera

p43 sony

Sony has released a new digital camera that features the Real Imaging Processor. This processor will help the camera start up quickly, take fewer shots, and use less power than other cameras in its class. In addition, you’ll notice less lag time between the shutter button being pressed and the picture being taken.


The HDC-P43 is a compact and versatile camera. Its three-chip, 2/3-inch CMOS image sensor is capable of delivering high-quality video and stills. The camera also supports a number of other Sony sports production technologies, including 4K and HD live camera systems. This camera can also be networked, allowing a single operator to control recording, output and editing.

Its size and weight make it easy to mount it on cranes and use it as a fixed camera position. Its fan motor provides low-noise operation, and it consumes very little power. It uses the same two optical filters as the HDC-4300: ND and CC. It also supports B4 mount lenses.

This camera features superb 4K and HD imaging, as well as super slow-motion capabilities. Its compact size and high-quality image quality make it ideal for live production and shooting from cranes. It is compatible with the HDC-4300 system camera and the HDCU-4300 camera control unit.

Besides the HDC-P43’s UHD capabilities, it also supports simultaneous 4K HDR and HD SDR production workflows. The camera can also be used with Sony’s SR Live for HDR workflow, which allows simultaneous live production of both HD and UHD HDR content in the S-Log3 format.


The Sony NEX-5N is a compact interchangeable lens camera that features a 16 megapixel sensor. Its external dimensions are 111 x 59 x 38mm. This makes it extremely lightweight, especially for a camera of this size and price. Its slim body is easy to hold in one hand and is compatible with AA type batteries.

Its camera body is equipped with an anti-shake mechanism that helps in preventing moire effects and allows you to take photos at slower shutter speeds. It also includes a D-Range Optimiser which helps to improve shadow detail in photos taken in low-contrast conditions.

The NEX-5N also supports the Sony E lens mount. Its APS-C image sensor uses a 1.5x crop. Its new lens holder is compatible with Sony’s NEX-5R, NEX-N, and NEX-7.

Besides having a 16 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, the Sony NEX-5N also boasts a new touch interface. This camera has many improvements over its predecessors, including a larger ISO range, support for the FDA-EV1S electronic viewfinder, and an improved shutter. In addition, the NEX-5N can shoot video in Full HD 1920x1080p resolution.

System camera HDC-4300

The HDC-P43 is a 4K point-of-view camera from Sony. It inherits the HDC-4300 system camera’s platform and features a compact and lightweight body. It is perfect for shooting from cranes or other vantage points. It is also equipped with two new Sony technologies: high-dynamic-range imaging and high frame rate.

The HDC-P43 system camera is compatible with the BPU-4000 baseband processing unit and supports optional high-frame rate upgrades. The camera is compatible with wide-ranging 4K lenses, and can shoot slow-motion videos at eight times the normal frame rate. It also supports multiple simultaneous recording and editing.

Share Play feature

The Sony HDC-P43 is a point of view camera with four-k resolution. It inherits the HDC-4300 platform and features a small, lightweight body that is perfect for shooting from cranes. It also has two new technologies: a high dynamic range (HDR) and a high frame rate (HFR).

This new feature allows two people to play single-player games together by passing over the controller to their partner. The two people can use the feature for up to an hour, with the host earning trophies for the duration of the session. The only limitation is that the visitor cannot earn trophies while playing with you, as the game itself must be a PlayStation-certified title.

4K/HD outputs

The Sony P43 is a lightweight and versatile POV camera with superb 4K and HD imaging. It can be used on a crane or in a fixed camera position. It is part of Sony’s flexible 4K/HD live production system. It shares the same advanced 3 1/3-inch 4K imaging device and B4-mount lens mount as the flagship HDC-4300.

The Sony P43 supports an optional high-frame-rate upgrade. It is also compatible with a wide variety of 4K lenses. It also supports slow motion at 8x in 4K and 16x in HD. In addition, the P43 is compatible with a wide variety of Sony’s sports production gear, including HDC-4300/4800 4K/HD live camera systems. It also features Sony’s Share Play technology, which enables a single operator to edit and share files over a 10G network.

The HDC-P43 also features interface functions for studio and live production. These include a tally signal, a return image, and a teleprompter output. It also has a fiber adaptor, which makes it possible to connect the camera to HDCU-4300 camera control units.

The new HDC-P43 POV camera inherits Sony’s HDC-4300 platform and features a small, light weight design. It is ideal for use on cranes and supports 4K HDR. The camera is 119mm wide and 140mm deep and weighs only two kilograms. It can be mounted in all HD POV camera positions.

Battery life

Sony’s P41 and P43 digital cameras use AA alkaline batteries that measure R6 size. They have a limit of 29 minutes before they need to be recharged. If you need to continue shooting after this time, you can press the MOVIE button again. Do not try to use other functions or zooming. It will only damage the battery or cause it to overheat, and this can be hazardous.