Sony A6100 Camera Review

a6100 sony

The Sony A6100 has a small crack in the battery door where you can slip in a memory card. The label and grip ridge point away from you, making it easy to find the card slot. However, when inserted into a computer, the card formatted as “NO NAME” is confusing. If you are having trouble figuring out which card is what, look for the red card access LED at the bottom of the camera.

Real-Time Tracking AF

Real-Time Tracking AF on Sony a6100 is an incredible feature, giving you more freedom to create your photography. This feature uses AI-based subject-tracking algorithms to maintain constant focus even when subjects are moving. It is also incredibly fast. The Sony a6100 delivers stunning photo quality and high-resolution 4K movies.

Real-Time Tracking AF works by collecting information from various sensors and interpreting it in real time. This feature is particularly useful when shooting sports or wildlife. It keeps the subject in focus based on distance, color, and face recognition. This feature can also be helpful for recording movies.

While Real-Time Tracking AF is an excellent feature, it’s not perfect. The a6100 lacks some settings to fine-tune the AF. For instance, the 16-55mm F2.8 lens is almost twice the price of the a6100. However, it’s worth remembering that the a6100’s AF system is quite powerful. It developed from earlier, less sophisticated systems that provided a lot of freedom in choosing the focus area. Unlike the older cameras, there’s no way to turn it off or ignore it.

Besides 4K video, Real-Time Tracking AF is also an important feature of the Sony A6100. This feature lets you focus on your subject even when they’re moving. It uses a machine learning system to detect eye movement in real time. This feature can also keep track of faces and other objects in motion.

With Real-Time Tracking AF on Sony a6100, you can focus on people’s faces and eyes even when they’re turning away from you. You’ll also be able to take pictures of people’s faces even if they’re not looking directly at you.

Eye AF has been a must-have feature for photographers for a while, and Sony has been relentless in adding it to its flagship cameras. Its popularity spawned a slew of improvements, including image sensors, processors, and lenses.

Real-Time Tracking AF on Sony’s A6100 is an extremely useful feature and is easy to use. Just press the shutter button halfway to engage this feature. You can also use a custom key to enable it.

Touch Tracking

The A6100 has a touchscreen and is limited in usability. You can’t take advantage of this feature if you’re using a lens that requires you to move the camera backwards or forwards to take a shot. Instead, you’ll have to use the rear control wheel. It may not be the best camera for videography, but it is good enough for casual use.

The Sony A6100 is equipped with an AI-based object recognition system that improves the accuracy and speed of its continuous AF system. This feature works by placing the AF point over the subject and then following it with the camera. With this feature, you can capture great photos of wildlife and sports subjects with ease. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to identify objects, including faces.

Touch Tracking is another feature on the A6100. The feature is similar to what you see on a smartphone, only the tracking process is done by touching the monitor. This is especially useful when you’re taking photos of moving subjects. You can focus on the subject by touching the monitor or the screen. You can also assign up to eight different controls for different shooting operations.

The Sony A6100’s camera has many useful features, including high-speed image processing, a high-capacity buffer memory, and a fast auto mode. The camera can also record 4k video at 30 fps. The A6100 also offers slow motion videos.

Another useful feature of the A6100 is the NFC-based remote control. It allows you to operate the camera from a remote location without the hassle of turning on your phone. This feature works with the PlayMemories Mobile app and allows you to transfer full resolution JPEG images in just three seconds. The Sony A6100 also has built-in Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication.

The Sony A6100 is an entry-level model in Sony’s APS-C mirrorless camera lineup. It has the same 24.2 Megapixel APS-C sensor as the A6400 and features the latest Bionz X image processor. This camera also supports 4K 3840×2160 pixel video at 30 fps, and Full HD 1080p video at 120fps.

Battery life

The battery life on the Sony A6100 is similar to the battery life of its predecessor, which is good for around 400 shots and 120 minutes of video recording. This is enough to power a day’s worth of photography. However, if you frequently shoot in cold climates or when using the LCD screen a lot, you’ll find that your battery mileage drops significantly. You can recharge your battery using a power bank or personal computer to extend the battery life on your camera.

The body of the Sony A6100 is plastic, so you’ll have to keep in mind that it’s not built to be as rugged as cameras made from other materials. However, it does have a strap that makes it easier to carry. The camera is very small, and it will fit easily in a backpack or bag. Despite its small size, the Sony A6100 has a powerful battery and a high-quality build.

The Sony A6100 features a 24-megapixel sensor and a lithium-Ion battery pack. The battery is rechargeable via a USB port, but it doesn’t use the latest USB-C standard. The battery compartment is located at the rear of the camera and is well-protected so that it doesn’t fall out of the camera when it’s opened. Additionally, the memory card slot is well-placed next to the door hinge.

Another benefit of the Sony A6100 is its large screen. It’s an excellent size for group and self-portrait photos. The screen is also tiltable, making it ideal for selfies. This camera also offers a high-resolution OLED electronic viewfinder. This allows you to capture the best possible moments.

While the camera features the same 24-megapixel sensor as the A6000, the new version boasts new image processing algorithms to enhance the color rendering of images. The Sony A6100’s AF speed is fast, and it supports a full range of ISO settings. Its burst speed is 11 frames per second. The video recording specs are also good, with 4K video recording at 30 frames per second and 2K at 120 frames per second. There are also 13 image effects for video recording.

Despite the A6100’s compact body, the camera still offers a good battery life. It offers nearly 400 shots on a single charge. It also has a HDMI connector and input for an external microphone. The battery life improves when the screen is switched off, but the battery life degrades when you are using the camera for video recording.


The Sony A6100 is an affordable APS-C mirrorless camera. It features Sony’s E-mount and a 24MP CMOS sensor. This camera also offers a 4K video recording capability. In addition, it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Its low price makes it a good option for vloggers.

The Sony A6100 also has excellent shutter speeds, and it features a large image buffer. This camera can take as many as 75 JPEG photos in a row. The autofocus system on this camera is also quite fast, so it can easily keep up with fast-moving subjects.

Sony A6100 also has a 0.39-inch OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 1,44 million dots. This gives it an advantage over Canon’s EOS M6 Mark II, which does not have an EVF. The Sony A6100 also has a 921,000-pixel LCD screen with a tilting angle that makes it easy to take selfies with.

Sony A6100 has a 425-point phase and contrast detection autofocus system. It takes a mere 0.02 seconds to focus and is able to track moving subjects. The camera can also detect human and animal faces automatically. In other words, it has the best autofocus system in the series.

This camera is currently available for pre-order. It is the upgraded version of the A6300 and A6500. It is not likely to replace these older models, which are still quite popular. The company will likely keep these cameras on the market while the A6100 comes to the market. However, the A6100’s low price will give it more appeal and less competition among consumers.

The Sony A6100 is priced at $748 for the body alone. It is also available with a lens kit that includes a 16-50mm lens. This kit costs $1,098. The 55-210mm lens is $848. There are also cheaper options that come with a lens kit.

The Sony a6100 is a very good camera, especially for beginners. It offers excellent image quality in all shooting conditions. It is easy to use and has a good autofocus system. However, there is a small drawback to its low price.