Sony A5000 Camera Review

sony a5000

The Sony 5000 is a rangefinder-style digital mirrorless system camera. It has Wi-Fi and near-field communication, and is billed as the lightest interchangeable lens camera in the world. The 5000 has since been replaced by the more advanced Sony 5100. It is easy to use, and offers a number of features.

Simple controls

The Sony A5000 is a compact camera that can be controlled remotely with a smartphone. To use this feature, you need to download the free Smart Remote app. This app is not embedded on any other Sony cameras, so you will need to download it separately. Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to sign in using the on-screen keyboard.

The rear controls of the Sony A5000 are easy to use and have simple layouts. Instead of the soft keys, there are simple buttons labelled with the menu system, playback, and help/delete. There is also a control wheel with cardinal positions dedicated to drive modes, ISO, and display overlays. Lastly, the bottom position of the control wheel enables you to access the Photo Creativity mode while in Intelligent Auto mode.

The Sony A5000 has a built-in pop-up flash. The controls are similar to the ones used in other Sony cameras. The camera also has a control button to adjust the zoom. The video recording button is slightly behind the shutter button and is easy to reach. Despite being a small camera, the Sony A5000 has a lot to offer.

The Sony A5000’s controls are simple and uncluttered. There are two dials and one function button. You can easily select the shutter speed and aperture by turning the control wheel in one direction or the other. Similarly, there are buttons for recording video and viewing photos on a computer. The camera also features an auto-exposure mode.

Intelligent Auto mode

The Sony A5000 camera features Intelligent Auto mode, which uses scene recognition to automatically set the camera’s settings. The camera can tell whether a scene is in focus or moving, and adjust its ISO sensitivity and shutter speed accordingly. In certain situations, Intelligent Auto can even take a burst of shots, which can enhance the dynamic range of the images and help you achieve the best possible exposure.

This mode allows you to take a series of shots of the same object, and to experiment with different shooting techniques, depending on what you are trying to capture. The camera will detect the best shooting mode for your subject, and you can choose between a wide exposure, long exposure, and layer composition.

The Sony A5000 camera features a number of useful features. It has a zebra pattern generator and wind noise reduction filter, and it also provides eight threshold levels for movie exposure. The camera also has an off setting and a contrast detection autofocusing system. It also includes a range of focusing modes, including center point, ’25 area’, and ‘flexible spot’, all of which allow you to choose the best mode for your situation.

The Sony A5000 camera also supports Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. The Wi-Fi and NFC capability can be used to transfer images and control the camera remotely. The camera can also be linked to a smart phone via PlayMemories Mobile app. Using the Wi-Fi option, you can transfer photos and videos to compatible devices or TV sets. The PlayMemories Mobile app also allows you to remotely control the camera with your smartphone.

If you want to shoot a series of pictures, Intelligent Auto is the best choice. It saves multiple images and creates a composite image. The camera will also take multiple shots if the subject is moving.

Zoom drive by motor

The Sony A5000 is a compact, lightweight digital camera that is capable of smooth zoom movements. Its zoom drive by motor allows you to zoom in and out of your photos and movies without a jerk or pause. It only uses part of the sensor area when shooting movies, so the telephoto focal length can be achieved without losing the wide-angle range. The Sony A5000 films in 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at 60 fps and records sound in stereo.

The camera comes with a 16-50mm power-zoom kit lens. The lens is retractable and weighs 116g. It has an aperture range of f/3.5-5.6 and is very thin and compact. The lens has a power zoom motor and is controlled by a rocker on the side. It also has an integrated pop-up flash. The only other drawback is the lack of a front-facing flash, a program dial, or quick menu.

The Sony A5000’s menu is more traditional than the NEX series. While it lacks customizable soft buttons, the menu system has been revamped and now features tabbed pages for easy navigation. This is an improvement over the previous endless scroll system. Moreover, the camera has a number of useful features.

The Sony Alpha 5000 comes in black, silver, and white. It comes with set lenses SEL-P1650 and SEL-55210 and comes with matching leather cases. It also comes with a second battery and an external charger. You can choose a battery for your camera from two different sizes.

The Sony A5000 supports the PlayMemories mobile app, which allows you to control the camera using your smartphone. The app can be downloaded and installed with your mobile device. The app is free and works on iOS and Android devices. Sadly, the app is not available for Windows Phone or BlackBerry devices yet. Sony is planning to offer more apps for the Sony A5000 in the future.

460,800 dots

The Sony A5000 is a high-end compact camera with a folding screen. Its 460,000-dot resolution display has a pixel-rich, sharp font, but it is also prone to pixelation, even under bright sunlight. It lacks an electronic viewfinder, but it does have WiFi and NFC connectivity, allowing you to transfer photos and videos. Sony also offers apps for its camera that enhance its functions. There are multiple scene modes, creative filters, HDR and panorama features, and face retouching.

Sony has made some improvements in the design of the Sony A5000, which we’ll explore in this review. The external backplate is much simpler, with a simple, black plastic lens release button and a porthole-shaped window for the AF assist lamp. The camera also has a revised handgrip that features a dimpled surface. It also retains the built-in flash that was present on its predecessor.

The Sony A5000’s sensor has a resolution of around twenty megapixels. The camera also features aggressive noise reduction to help reduce background noise, although this does sacrifice fine detail. In addition to its high-resolution image quality, the A5000 has a variety of creative features, including HDR and Dynamic Range Optimisation, and a sweep panorama mode.

The Sony A5000 also features a Wi-Fi connection, which is a nice touch for a compact camera. Unlike the NEX-3N, the A5000 also offers NFC connectivity, which lets you share photos and control it remotely. This feature, however, is a bit limited, as there aren’t too many NFC-enabled devices on the market.

Dual video recording

The Sony A5000 is a versatile compact camera with features like Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. With Wi-Fi, you can share your pictures and videos with your friends, and NFC lets you control your camera from a distance. You can also use the phone’s Bluetooth function to connect the camera to your smart phone.

The A5000 offers a variety of scene modes. Its iAuto system detects the type of scene and uses the appropriate FOCUS AREA and ISO value. It also supports shooting in RAW and JPEG. There are also many customization options. Most users will be happy with Intelligent Auto, Superior Auto and Portrait modes.

When shooting in Dual Video mode, be sure to set the REC mode to Off. This will prevent the camera from recording both HD and MP4 formats at the same time. Using this setting will also prevent you from accidentally recording in the wrong format if you happen to forget to turn it off. It will also keep your AVCHD files at a high quality. You can also record videos in MP4 format if you need to upload or edit them quickly.

The Sony A5000 mirrorless camera includes an iSweep panorama mode that gives you several panorama options. These options allow you to capture full 360 degree panoramas that are up to 11,520 x 1080. The panorama mode is also very versatile as you can shoot it either in landscape or portrait mode.

While the A5000 is compact, it still offers impressive performance. Its 20.1-megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and BIONZ X image processor make it one of the world’s smallest interchangeable-lens cameras. It also offers Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. In the end, the A5000 is a capable first “serious” camera for a smartphone/compact camera upgrader.