Sonos Playbase Review

sonis playbase


The Playbase is a soundbar that adds dynamic, pulse-pounding sound to your television. It also streams music when the TV is off. Typical soundbars only work when mounted on a wall directly below a TV, but most TVs end up on stands or furniture, so a Playbase was created to address this need.

The Playbase features a space-saving woofer design and a powerful speaker array that delivers cinematic sound. The Soundbase connects to your TV via optical cable and uses Wi-Fi to stream music. It’s part of the Sonos sound system, which lets you expand it as you add more speakers.

The Playbase has six mid-range drivers and an invisible subwoofer. Each driver has its own Class-D amplifier. This means that the Playbase’s sound is balanced across all frequency ranges. It also has a large sound stage and a full, expansive sound field. Despite its small size, the Playbase delivers a surprisingly rich bass for a speaker this size.

The Playbase can also be controlled by the Sonos app. You can search all of your music services, control volume and adjust other settings. It’s also possible to share music with friends using the app. In addition to playing music from your PC or mobile device, you can watch television shows and games in a dynamic way. With its wireless connection, you can play your favorite music on your TV even when the TV is turned off.

The Playbase offers excellent sound quality, with enough bass to rival top-notch standalone speakers. It can even be set up for an optimal 5.1 sound system. However, it’s expensive, uses optical audio only and doesn’t support DTS or HDMI.


The Sonos Playbase is an excellent multi-room music system that is easy to use and compatible with dozens of streaming services. Its impressive sound quality rivals that of blockbuster action scenes. However, it comes with a price that may not be affordable for many. While it does provide great sound, it also lacks some key features that set it apart from the competition. Its most notable shortcoming is the lack of built-in microphones, which means that you need to get an Echo or other device to use voice control.

The price of the Sonos Playbase is quite high, at $700. Vizio and other brands offer similar products for considerably less. However, it is well worth the price if you plan to purchase more Sonos gear in the future. If you’re just looking to add some wireless audio to your living room, you’ll probably find that the Playbase is not necessary.

While the Playbase is a small speaker, its bass is rich and powerful. A small driver in the centre of the speaker is a “subwoofer” that produces bass that is both powerful and tuneful. This speaker’s design also allows it to work with large, heavy TVs.

The Sonos Playbase is an excellent home theater component. Its gorgeous looks make it a great addition to any home theater setup. The Playbase connects via optical cable to your TV and uses Wi-Fi to stream your favorite music. The Playbase is priced at $699, the same as the Sonos Playbar, and can be purchased with or without an optional Sonos Sub.

While the Playbase still retains Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it’s now equipped with AirPlay 2. This makes it easier to control from the iPhone or iPad. Voice Control has been disabled, however.


The Playbase is a new home theatre device designed to mount onto your wall or slide underneath your television. It joins the Playbar soundbar and the Beam in the Sonos family of products. The Playbase is four years in the making. Its design is sleek and unobtrusive, so it fits easily into any room. The enclosure was also built using advanced materials and manufacturing processes to ensure it would stand up to years of heavy-use.

The Sonos Playbase features 10 Class-D digital amplifiers and six mid-range drivers. It also comes with an Ethernet port and optical input. Although it does not support HDMI, you can use it to control your TV’s sound. It is also compatible with a variety of music services.

The Playbase has an almost identical look to the Sonos Soundbar, but is flatter and more compact. It is 14 inches wide and 14 inches deep and can support a 74-pound television. It is available in black or white. The Playbase has six midrange drivers, three tweeters, and one subwoofer. It also comes with an Ethernet socket and an optical input, though it does not support HDMI.

The Playbase is flat and supports televisions up to 35 kg. If your television has feet, you will need to adjust the height of your television before placing it on the Playbase. However, it will not fit underneath a TV with individual legs. Hence, it is crucial to measure the gap between the bottom of your television and your AV cabinet. If it is too low, you cannot fit your TV on the Playbase.

Integration with Sonos system

If you’re considering installing a Sonos playbase, you’ll find that the integration process is relatively simple. There are a couple of steps you’ll need to follow. First, you’ll need to launch the Sonos app and then choose Apple Music from the services menu. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to play the tracks from your Bluetooth speaker. More recently, Spotify added support for Sonos integration in a slightly different way. Instead of launching an app for each of their respective products, users could simply access Sonos through their existing Spotify app.

The Playbase isn’t for everyone. It has an unusual shape, so it was designed to be installed under a media stand with a television on top. It supports most televisions up to 60 inches and 77 pounds. Bigger TVs with legs can be mounted over the Playbase, or the device can be installed on a wall.

You can adjust the sound quality by using the Sonos app, which includes a TV-dialog setting that lets you control bass and treble. This feature also fixes issues with audio delay that some users experience while watching television. A Night Sound mode is also included, which reduces loud sounds and enhances quiet ones.

After setting up the Playbase, you should make sure that it’s powered on. Next, open the Sonos Controller app on your mobile device and choose the Playbase. From here, you can select the rooms you want to include. Once you’re happy with the sound, you can use the Playbase in your home.

In addition to its wireless home sound system, the Playbase can also be used to play music. This will allow you to play music in every room of your home. This feature is very useful if you’re trying to play music through a speaker. Sonos speakers can also be used in other rooms of your home.