Neelam Kothari Gives Birth to Her First Child

ahana soni

Indian actor and jewelry designer Neelam Kothari has given birth to her first child, a baby girl named Ahana. The couple, who met while working on the sets of a Bollywood film, decided to have a baby in late April after being together for a decade. Neelam Kothari and Samir Soni, who were both born in London and Hong Kong, have been sharing pictures of their daughter Ahana on their social media pages. The couple wanted a baby around six or seven months old.

Neelam Kothari

Neelam Kothari is a Bollywood actress who made a name for herself during the late 80s and early 90s. She also starred in a number of successful films. She is the wife of Samir Soni, an actor, and the two are now parents to their daughter Ahana Soni.

The actress’s Instagram account has been trending lately because of pictures of the two on vacation. The couple is currently in Maldives, where the mother and daughter have been spending their holidays. She has been sharing the pictures of her daughter Ahana on her Instagram page.

Neelam Kothari is an actress and jewelry designer. She was born in Hong Kong to Gujarati parents. Her father was a famous ancient jewelry designer and her mother was a dancer. As a child, she learned to play the piano and danced jazz ballet. Later, she attended the Island School, where she was part of the Rutherford family.

Kothari’s Ahana Sonli ensemble is simple, yet stylish. She wore a pair of denim shorts with an oversized orange shirt. She accessorised with black sunglasses and flat slippers. This simple outfit is versatile and can be paired with various colours and styles. For example, the orange shirt looks great with jeans or beige trousers.< Soni met during a movie shoot in Pune. Ahana was a baby girl who he adopted. Her mother dated Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Although they are not related, they both love dogs. The couple has two children – Samir and Ahana.

Samir is a former fashion model. He was once engaged to Pooja Bhatt but later separated. He later exchanged engagement rings with Nafisa Joseph. After two years of engagement, they split up. Then he was paired up with Neelam Kothari. This pairing has been on the spotlight for quite some time.

Samir Soni is an Indian actor, television personality, and former model. He first made his screen debut in the Hindi serial Samandar, based on Navy officers. Then, he appeared in the Doordarshan serial A Mouthful of Sky, before making his film debut in China Gate in 1998. His subsequent roles include the lead roles in Basti and Kahan Ho Tum. Samir Soni has also appeared in many television shows. In addition to his film career, he also worked as a fashion model. He was also a cast member of Bigg Boss 4 reality show. Soni married Neelam Kothari in 2011.

The couple met in 2011 and were married within two years of each other. After their wedding, the couple adopted their daughter, Ahana, who is now five years old. Neelam is a jewelry designer and Samir is an actor. The couple met in Hong Kong and later moved to London. The couple also adopted a baby girl, Ahana, in 2013.

Currently, Neelam Kothari and Samir Soni are spending some rejuvenating time in the Maldives. They feel that mythological shows are too restricted. Samir Soni, the male lead, feels that mythological shows are limited in scope. In spite of these restrictions, the couple continues to work together in television.