Is there a camera better than the sony a7iii?

In return, the ease and overall portability make the A6600 a great choice for online content creators and bloggers. The EVF of the full-frame camera is larger (0.5-inch versus 0.39-inch) and offers a higher magnification of 0.78x compared to 0.7 times for the A6600. With the electronic shutter, the APS-C model achieves up to 8 frames per second, while the A7 can use its full speed. The A6600 and A7 III share most of the same video specifications, including 4K video recording with full pixel reading, S-Log2, S-Log3, HLPG profiles, and more.

The A6600 can take around 800 pictures (720 shots only when using the viewfinder or 810 shots with the rear monitor).

Is there a better camera than the Sony A7III

Both cameras have additional profiles, each with their own distinctive features, but I won’t describe them all here. Yes, the EOS R may do better compared to a DSLR, but Canon seems to have some catching up to do compared to another long-established mirrorless camera system. Both cameras are pretty nifty when it comes to continuous shooting — they’re suitable for either sports or wildlife photography. I don’t know why this is because it’s very important for people who need to interact with a camera all day and every day.

Is Sony a6600 worth buying

Basically, the Sony A6600 is a great all-round camera that almost every type of photographer can find well suited for their needs. With the Alpha A6600, Sony has kept the design small and compact, which is impressive considering that mirrorless cameras tend to be on the larger side. Another complication to your decision is the existence of the Fuji X-T3, which costs £1,549 with an 18-55mm lens and matches or exceeds the Sony a6600 in many places. The A9 is an excellent example of its type, and the A6600, despite being more than 1,500 lbs cheaper, radiates absolute class.