Is kojima studios owned by sony?

According to industry insider Gavin Stevens, Sony has acquired Konami in some form and an announcement is expected very soon. For those in need of a quick refresher, Konami has worked on PlayStation exclusive franchises in the past, but they’ve always been her own legal entity. Konami has made it clear that they are taking a break from developing more triple A gaming experiences. Not to mention the various other IPs that Konami owns, such as Frogger and Pro Evolution Soccer, which have done reasonably well in recent versions.

Ok, that’s not the kind of thing I would do, but I delete the Konami post (and save it completely below).

Is Konami owned by Sony

It was

during this time that Konami began to expand his video game business into the private consumer market after releasing video games for the Atari 2600 for the U. Licensing I think it’s 100% possible, although I wouldn’t hold my breath since we’re talking about Konami. In August 2001, the company invested in another video game publisher, Hudson Soft, which became a consolidated subsidiary after Konami accepted new third-party shares issued by them. The parent company would be dissolved as part of the merger and Konami Sports would become the wholly owned subsidiary of Konami Corporation following the share swap between KC and KS.

Who bought Konami

After Microsoft bought Activision, Sony responded by buying Bungie, and now in another blockbuster move, it looks like Sony is also picking up Konami.

Are Kojima Studios owned by Sony

Kojima Productions certainly seems to be a likely target for such a move – Death Stranding was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment and first released on PlayStation 4, with the PC version licensed for 505 games. Since posting this, Kojima has been posting back to Twitter normally and there seems to be no real explanation for this sudden burst of PlayStation enthusiasm. While Sony does indeed own the brand for Death Stranding, as can be found here, Kojima Productions does not own it itself. Although Kojima Productions will remain independent, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan recently confirmed that Sony is seeking further studio acquisitions.

Who does Sony buy

The company also wants to integrate Bungie’s expertise as a live services operator into its wider ecosystem to expand this aspect of its consumer offering. Own franchises such as Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, Sonic, Yakuza, and Virtua Fighter are still gaining widespread recognition from PlayStation audiences, and the Persona games have long benefited from Sony funding and console exclusivity.