How much is a sony fs700?

So it was absolutely amazing to find that Sony later not only released the interface unit to make the FS700 compatible with the R5 recorder, but also allowed Convergent to add FS700 raw compatibility to the Odyssey 7Q. If there is no problem with a camera, I recommend choosing the FS700 instead of the a7s series or GH5, unless you need a lightweight camera. Rather later in the middle of last year, Atomos would add support for Sony FS raw to its shogun recorder, which was clearly aimed at FS5 and FS7 users, but incidentally offered the ability to record the FS700 raw output for both CinemaDNG and ProRes. See everything exactly as you want with ATOMOS. Extend your creativity with accessories.

When did the Sony FS700 come out

The FS700 doesn’t have a built-in microphone, instead it includes the Sony ECM-XM1 microphone and a double shock-absorbing microphone holder that simply clips onto one of the accessory shoes on the handle. My big question was when will I have an ACTUAL 4K camera in my hands, a very uncertain answer maybe 6 to 12 months. Good for Sony that it has brought some technology to bear that will get us there, but most are not yet on board this ship. Absolutely no reason that 4K can basically be called RAW just because the chip resolves that resolution, RAW — as with pre-debayering, PreWB, etc. is a completely different cookie.